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3.3 V6 Timing Belt change

3.3 V6 Timing Belt change

Postby SRBGuy » Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:34 am

Hello all, I've been lurking the forum for a while since picking up a 2004 SLE V6 a couple years back.

Well, it finally came time for the dreaded timing belt change at 90k (92k, by the time I got around to it). FYI, I had only done timing belts on a '91 Honda accord 2.2L prior to this one, so I was slightly intimidated at first.

I used this write-up as a guide:

along with the torque specs in the manuals posted on this site.

It really is not that difficult. I changed the water pump, idler/tensioner pullies, and tensioner while i was in there.

For anyone looking to do this, do yourself a favor and pick up or rent a steering wheel puller as noted in the write-up...the crank pulley is ON. I devised a more crude way of getting it off using a couple bolts that fit the threaded holes in the pulley, along with some large washers against the crank bolt...difficult to describe, so just get the puller.

Oh, and get a good sized catch pan for the raining coolant when you remove the water pump.

Getting the timing belt "lined up" is not as difficult as it is important...just triple check that the marks on the belt, cam and crank pullies are ON the money. I used two of those "quick-grip" clamps (usually used for holding down wood for cutting) to hold the timing belt on to each camshaft pulley in the correct placement while I routed the rest of the belt...if these are correctly placed, with the marks lining up with the ones on the engine, the belt should be able to slip on to the crankshaft timing pulley with the marks aligned...there will be slack on the tensioner side only, until you release the tensioner pin.

I didn't need any "special" tools. I have sockets, ratcheting wrenches, 20" breaker bar, a good work light, jack stands, etc...nothing out of the ordinary to do this job.

I'd like to give an estimate on time, but I'm not sure how long this job took because
A) I also did the plugs which added considerable time
B) I tore everything down, but had to wait a day on Mr. UPS to bring my parts from Toyota...I forgot they don't deliver on Jan 1.

Anyway, if anyone has questions, feel free. The write-up was complete enough for me, and I'm no expert.
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